IRON KINGDOMS RPG — Deep Wild Expeditions (5e) (Digital PDF)

PIP 509e
Iron Kingdoms: Requiem

(Digital PDF)

Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure through the wilderness of Iron Kingdoms with Deep Wild Expeditions!
This series features four gripping tales of survival, exploration, and danger in a land where the untamed wilderness is just as deadly as the monsters that lurk within.

  • Travel with the seafaring Brinebloods to recover a legendary pirate treasure in “Drink Up, Me Hearties!”
  • Uncover the connection between a series of murders and the empire of Lord Carver in “Of Swine and Men”
  • Get stuck between a tribe of bog trogs and their gatorfolk oppressors in “Uprising Tides”
  • Travel the swamps and confront the ambition of a hungry god in “Blood on the Blindwater”

Will you emerge victorious, or will the wilderness claim you as its own? Dive into the wilds and find out!

Iron Kingdoms: Requiem