From the ashes of the once great Iosan empire have risen the new houses of Eldritch Lords, who now reign over their Kingdom of Eternal Dusk. House Kallyss has emerged as one of the strongest of this new Iosan Court. The enlightened eldritch who lead the house have dedicated their existences to the defense of the Iron Kingdoms as they seek to redeem their doomed people, even while accepting their dark fate. They are served, in turn, by both the soulless who have joined their banner and the living Seekers who support utterly their visions and dictates. Determined to prove its worthiness in defending the Iron Kingdoms, House Kallyss has positioned itself as a ready ally to any nation of western Immoren that would give them fair consideration. But the human nations are not so quick to accept a kingdom of undead, vampiric elves whose predecessors sought human extermination, leading the eldritch house into undesired conflicts with their Immorese neighbors. As Immoren is once again imperiled by an outside aggressor, House Kallyss will learn whether or not their eternal souls can survive the tarnished legacy of their origin.

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