Driven from the shores of Immoren more than four centuries ago by the concerted, desperate efforts of the inhabitants they had long sought to enslave, the Orgoth have now returned with a vengeance, their dark host further empowered by vicious new weapons inspired by those that led to the downfall of their first invasion. Backed by savage warjacks and armed with crude but powerful firearms and now dominated by the warwitches who once acted only in the service of the warlords who wrought the previous invasion, the Orgoth have painstakingly prepared for this conquest for a dozen generations. Despite their brutality and lack of industrial knowledge, the Orgoth have innovated greatly during their absence. Tapping into the demonic power of their infernal patrons, they have succeeded in developing a new power source called blaze that powers their weapons and warjacks with hellish ferocity. And at the apex of the invading army are the warcasters, aged souls who have led untold lives, and now lead their armies of barbaric warriors, warjacks and savage creatures in renewed conquest against the Iron Kingdoms. Contained within the unstoppable Orgoth hordes is all the power, ambition, and ruthlessness required to bring a continent and all its people to their knees.

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