After years of political turmoil that brought the nation’s military infrastructure to its knees, Khador has begun the process of modernization in an attempt to catch up with the achievements of its rival nations, its expanding military harnessing the marvels of modern engineering. But the once conquest-driven Khador is a changed nation. It no longer seeks dominance but to hold onto that which it has accomplished. Its new fighting forces are strong but little tested. And the vast majority of its warcasters serving alongside the Winter Korps came up during the troubles or at the end of the wars of the past decade. Now, even as Orgoth raiders arrive from the sea to claim its lands, Khador is yet rising from its decade of troubles, its political will unified under the absolute authority of the empress, Ayn Vanar. Khadorans look upon the wonders of their rising empire with nationalistic pride, even in the face of a new terrible war. Antiquated traditions and an outdated arsenal have been replaced by advanced weapon systems and a modular approach to their military industrial complex that keeps them adaptable in the face of an ever-changing, hostile environment. But as always, the Motherland’s success or failure will rest with the leadership and heroism of its officers and warcasters and with the strength of the Khadoran people.

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