Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game – Monsternomicon: The Lost Pages (5e) (Digital PDF))

PIP 508e

(Digital PDF)

The renowned scholar of extraordinary zoology (or monsters, if you prefer), Professor Victor Pendrake’s Monsternomicon is the leading tome on the strange and perilous creatures that inhabit the Iron Kingdoms.

Now his former assistants have taken up the mantle, combining some of Pendrake’s forgotten studies with their own observations in this new volume of the bizarre, the lethal, and the downright extraordinary creatures that lurk in the wilderness of western Immoren.
Monsternomicon: The Lost Pages includes a host of new monsters for Iron Kingdoms: Requiem, ranging from pesky vermin to a living personification of death. Included within you’ll find:

  • Over 100 new monsters for all levels of play
  • The blighted servants of the dragon Everblight and his dragonspawn
  • Classic monsters from every era of the Iron Kingdoms roleplaying game, including never-before-seen creatures to challenge any adventuring company.

Give your players new and unexpected threats for your games of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem with this latest volume in the legendary Monsternomicon series!