Iron Kingdoms: Requiem – The Cold Road Home (Digital) (5e)


The Cold Road Home
They say you can never go home again. The high priest of Nyssor is about to test that theory.
Vaeril the Wise, the eldest living Nyss in the Iron Kingdoms, has begun a pilgrimage to his homeland: the Shard Spires. As high priest of the dead god Nyssor, Vaeril knows his death is near. Though the ancestral Nyss home has long been overrun by Everblight’s blighted army, Vaeril is prepared to brave the frozen mountain passes and the ever-present threat of lurking dragonspawn. Summoning brave souls as escorts, Vaeril now walks the long, cold road home...

This short Iron Kingdoms: Requiem adventure is suited for an adventuring company of 3rd-level characters.