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We do not sell our full line of miniature online. Find your local hobby retailer to purchase models from the HORDESTM, WARMACHINE®, or Full-Metal FantasyTM miniatures lines.
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In December of 2000, a newly founded company combined an unprecedented level of professional talent with the goal to embrace creativity in the pursuit of designing quality gaming products. Pulling from a variety of disciplines within the hobby games industry, Privateer Press was born.

In January of 2001, Privateer Press introduced a new world and brand - The Iron Kingdoms - that continues to gain critical acclaim and industry awards. The total commitment to the Iron Kingdoms drives Privateer's dedication to create the highest quality gaming products possible.

After the release of several award-winning RPG releases, 2003 saw the release of WARMACHINE - a tabletop miniatures combat game which gained phenomenal popularity overnight. In the Spring of 2006 Privateer Press unleashed HORDES - the game of monstrous miniatures combat. The feral twin of WARMACHINE, this miniatures game provides players a taste of the wild side of the Iron Kingdoms while also being completely compatible with Privateer Press' original steam-powered miniatures combat game. Today, Privateer Press continues to provide a total immersion experience in the Iron Kingdoms through monthly new releases of WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures, issues of No Quarter MagazineTM, new role-playing releases like Five Fingers:Port of Deceit, and both WARMACHINE and HORDES rules expansions. It's an exciting time to be in the Iron Kingdoms and to be a player of Privateer Press games.


Nearly every part from the HORDES, WARMACHINE, and Full-Metal Fantasy miniature lines are now available exclusively at our online store. We do not sell one-piece models that are normally sold singularly (for example a Pistol Wraith blister) through this service.