Dynamic Update Cards 2023


Will ship at the end of January, beginning of February 2023

Dynamic Update Cards 2023

One of each of the following cards are contained in this pack:


Jungle Fortress - Emp of the Apes

Void Gate - Lords of Cthul

Martian Command Post - Martian Menace

Sun Industries - SSSydicate




Courser Grunt - Draken Armada

Courser Elite - Draken Armada

Fusilier Grunt - Draken Armada

Fusilier Elite - Draken Armada

Air Kami Grunt - EleChampions

Air Kami Elite - EleChampions

Dervish Grunt - Mo8D

Dervish Elite - Mo8D

Voider Grunt - Mo8D

Voider Elite - Mo8D

Belcher Grunt - Planet Eaters

Belcher Elite - Planet Eaters

Dire Ant Grunt - Savage Swarm

Dire Ant Elite - Savage Swarm

C-Type Shinobi Grunt - SSSydicate

C-Type Shinobi Elite - SSSydicate

Shadow Rider - SSSydicate

Sun Fighter Grunt - SSSydicate

Sun Fighter Elite - SSSydicate

Vorota Walker Grunt - Zerkalo Bloc



Zybanos - Draken Armada

Numitor - Legion of Mutates

Rogzor - Planet Eaters

Gallamaxus - Necroscourge

Zor-Magna - SSSydicate

Zor-Maxim - SSSydicate

Leviathron - Tritons

Stomatavorus Rex - Vegetyrants

Zavod -75 - Zerkalo BLoc

Ares Mothership – Martian Menace


This product is shipped within a flat, unpadded envelope.