Riot Quest – Pe(s)ts Expansion (metal/resin)

PIP 63077

If you’re not the Riot Quest Hero your pet thinks you are, then you really need this expansion! We’re adding a new type of Riot Gear to the post-apocalyptic world: Pets (“Pests” to your opponents!). Pets are Riot Gear that you equip to your Heroes just like you would any other Riot Gear but with corresponding models that interact on the map! Between the Argus Pup, the Powder Skiggs, the Thrullg Hatchling, the Halfjack, the Ferox Kit, and the Devil Rat, it’s like a visit to the pound to adopt a new best f(r)iend!

Pe(s)ts is an expansion for Riot Quest and requires the contents of a Riot Quest starter set in order to play.

WARNING: Product contains resin. Always wear a resiprator and use a wet sanding technique when working with resin to avoid particle inhalation. Always clean your work area and wash your hands after working with resin.

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