Oblivion PDF Bundle


EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE… A pact struck ages ago has finally come due, and now the otherworldly horrors known as the Infernals descend upon Caen to collect their payment. The cost in mortal souls is higher than anyone could possibly imagine, but forces have gathered to stand against these invaders. Holy archons and steadfast soldiers of the Order of Illumination join with armies of all nations to protect humanity from utter oblivion at the hands of ancient evils from without and traitorous individuals from within. The fate of every living being hangs in the balance, and the Iron Kingdoms will be changed forever…if it survives at all. The Oblivion PDF Bundle contains a digital vault of secrets about the upcoming Claiming, including new fiction detailing the Claiming of souls; a narrative campaign system featuring 16 branching scenarios that allow you and your friends to participate in the invasions; physical Omen cards that contribute to the outcome of your path to victory or defeat; and new and updated rules for WARMACHINE and HORDES in a convenient physical digest. The Oblivion Campaign Set has everything you need to help you defend against those who come to claim souls or to aid them in their decimation of the world. Contains: Oblivion Campaign Book (digital PDF) WARMACHINE/HORDES Updated Rules Digest 20 Omen Campaign Cards


As a living game, WARMACHINE and HORDES is constantly being updated.  While the content within the book is still relevant, for up-to-date information on Theme Forces, you can find them here: Theme Forces

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