No Quarter Magazine #69 (PDF)



No Quarter #69 has you dead in its sights with an overwhelming salvo of fresh content. In this issue’s pages you’ll find the new Thornfall Alliance theme force for Minions. Our Tournament Triple Threat series continues with an in-depth look at list building for Trollbloods. Master spy Gavyn Kyle submits a report on Khador’s Empress Ayn Vanar. Set sail on holy waters with the third installment of Iron Kingdoms Uncharted, featuring the pirates and privateers of the Protectorate. Want a sneak peak at what you can expect during this year’s SmogCon? We’ve got you covered. All this, plus a new battle report featuring Trollbloods versus Minions, Courage at the Crossroads Season 2 league fiction, a Guts & Gears on Ol’ Rowdy, and so much more! Know your army. Know your enemy. No Quarter.No Quarter Magazine brings you content for HORDES, WARMACHINE, Formula P3, the Iron Kingdoms, and every Privateer Press game. Never miss an issue again!