PIP 472-D


What Goes Around…An Echo in the Darkness

(Originally offered through the 2021 FREE RPG Day promotion)

The determined people who have chosen to rebuild the ruins of the fabled town of Ingrane want the same thing as the rest of the Iron Kingdoms: to rise from the ashes of an infernal invasion that nearly claimed the souls of most of the world.

The new residents have worked hard to restore Ingrane to the thriving and wholesome fishing community it once was. But a shadow from Ingrane’s past threatens the small settlement. On the eve of a grand celebration to commemorate the re-founding of the township, forces of darkness gather to claim a prize from its very heart and once again threaten to render the village to ruin.

Ingrane needs heroes to stave off the darkness and protect its legacy as the birthplace of one of the world’s most legendary warcasters. Can you save the town from being destroyed by evil beyond reckoning?

Step into the world of the Iron Kingdoms with An Echo in the Darkness, an all-new adventure designed for the world’s most popular roleplaying game, part of the ongoing saga of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem.